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ParkSide Realty & Management, LLC

Real Estate is our business and our passion.

Beginning in Colorado as a full service boutique real estate office over 30 years ago, ParkSide Realty & Management has completed countless number of transactions over the years. ParkSide is proud to offer Clients service in Colorado and Nevada.

We believe that real estate is not just a business but to us it is our passion. Being able to connect a home to a renter, an owner or an investor means we have connected with the people we are working with. We are building relationships. It means a great deal to be able to help them find the home that will be part of their future.

We value the people we work with and strive to provide the best service possible through open honest communication and responsiveness. Whether you are renting, purchasing, selling, investing or seeking property management we play no favorites because for us ALL real estate matters and ALL real estate has value. What service can ParkSide provide for you?

Your IRA or 401(k) Funds
Can Buy Real Estate

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