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Real Estate investing on your own can be risky and expensive if you don’t have the right advice. We have seen examples of people buying the wrong property, over improving and misinterpreting the market. Having the right advice and guidance can make all the difference for a novice. Being part of a group investing in real estate can take away some of that uncertainty and lower your risk as well. For the new investor, ParkSide offers a comprehensive interview where you can ask those nagging questions without fear of judgment. For the experienced investor ask the tough questions we are ready!

Real Estate is not just a business but a passion at ParkSide.

Putting together several successful investment groups they have purchased, renovated, sold and kept as rental properties making positive cash flow in short and long term investments. ParkSide is experienced with various partnership purchases, foreclosed, non-performing properties, and off-market properties from various sources.

ParkSide has the distinctive understanding of being agents, owners, investors and landlords. They have seen the business from all angles and are able to answer the tough questions new and experienced real estate investors have with certainty. What are your questions? ParkSide is always looking for the next investment project. We invite you to be a part of our next opportunity by filling out the form below:

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